RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players.

It enables you to run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles through its slick graphical interface. Settings are also unified so configuration is done once and for all.

In addition to this, you will soon be able to run original game discs (CDs) from RetroArch.

RetroArch has advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times, runahead, and more!

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Flycast – Progress Report -HLE BIOS – no longer requires external BIOS!

New version will be available later today on the Buildbot! Flyinghead has significantly improved HLE BIOS support to the point where 90% of Dreamcast games (both regualr and Windows CE-based games) should now be supported! Previously, compatibility with the HLE BIOS was quite abysmal, to the point where we couldn’t justify enabling it by default. […]

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Upcoming – RetroArch 1.7.8 – AI Service (Machine Translation / OCR / Text-To-Speech)

Written by Barry Rowe What is the AI Service? The AI Service lets you translate games, or add automated voice-overs capability in real time.  Instead of using a ROM patch, this is done by RetroArch taking a screenshot and then sending it to the AI Service listed in your config, which will do OCR (optical […]

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Interview with Retro Game Club

Our very own Rob Loach took some time to sit down with the guys from the Retro Game Club Podcast to discuss all things RetroArch, and talk about some of the big projects we are currently working on, such as the RetroArch Disc Project. Be sure to listen to it here . The interview starts at 01:00:00.

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RetroArch on Steam now coming sometime soon Q3 2019!

In order to do the Steam release justice, we have some infrastructure work remaining to do that will take more time. Our new release estimate therefore is sometime later this quarter. We will keep you updated on our progress. The net positive of this is that we can ensure the release is more polished and […]

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